Monday, March 15, 2010

Creating is pure "Bliss"....

Oh, I haven't been on here for a long while. I know that is a no no for a successful blog. Head colds and working a lot with two jobs....well, that is my excuse!!! BUT, I have been also creating and, yes, it is pure bliss when I can get some things done upstairs. I am almost done with my "Children of the King" series. I will be offering them at the antique store where I work and also on ebay and etsy. I will provide a link when I get it done. I am so excited!! After sharing with a fellow crafter about the dilemma of spending time, balancing time, etc.....well, my heart is that if I can "Praise the Lord" in my creations that is a most fulfilling feeling!!! So, will be sharing those pictures quite soon. Have to work at the store excited with sorting jewelry stuff to start some "steampunk" bracelets, necklaces and pins. Enjoying the thought of giving items character.....hopefully, building on the good character already present!! Blessings....debbie

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