Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Children of the King" series......

"Children of the King" series.....
Well, these are just some of what I have just being St. Patrick's day!!!
I still haven't figured out the digital, I do not do these justice at all!!!
My manager at the antique store will let me display them there for their entirety as there are 14. All one of a copies made of the pictures or anything like that. The display stands are old forks embellished with buttons. The forks with their embellishments were created to go with the pictures.
Well, it is almost 1 in the morning....will have to figure out more of this tomorrow.
Read some great blogs today....great encouraging ones, spiritual excited to read those types.....and sooooo many talented guys and gals out there with fabulous ideas on repurposing. Added many to my "followers" list. Plan to take a day soon and leave comments.
Had a sunshiny day here in South Dakota.....where we have had mostly rainy, cloudy weather....well, this day was certainly much appreciated!!
God is good......debbie


  1. Thank you for taking the time to look! It was fun and just makes me appreciate how things were so long ago and how we try to grasp back to the "old" and capture it again!!! blessings, deb

  2. Those are so cute, i love the scriptures with the old pictures!What a great idea!