Thursday, March 25, 2010

Celebrating our Anniversary!!!

Isn't it interesting when you take a picture close up of just one could you know what it really is?! Well, I was looking for a picture to leave you all with while my hubby and I go away for the weekend to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! This one struck me as kinda neat as it reminded me of the triangle thing we should all have in our married relationship. The wife on one side of the bottom corner, the husband on the other bottom corner and us both moving upward toward God who should be the we move upward towards Him, well, it brings us closer to each other. Yes, that is how it works! After losing my husband Mark to cancer in 2006 and having 4 children at home at the time.....well, I was fortunate to get reconnected with my best friend from our church youth group when we were in high school. Joe moved himself all the way from California.....sold his house, a lot of his stuff and even his Harley Davidson!!! What love that man has for me and the kids!!! And today, we celebrate 2 years married! It has been an interesting road, not always easy, but worth it and just wouldn't imagine doing it without the "triangle plan" of God being the direction we both move toward individually to get closer as a couple! So, may not post until Sunday night or Monday, Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Have a great weekend!!!! debbie

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