Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peggy and her Easter creations!!!

Oh, when Peggy comes to bring new things for her space at the antique store....well, it is always a fun day!!! She has been busy with some chenille and bobbins, as you can see!

Aren't these shoes just the cutest you ever saw!!!

Peggy uses Easter egg dye that you buy in the stores....they make just the most vibrant of colors!!! Poor bunny, hope this egg isn't too heavy!!

Eggs of lace.....beautiful in the white basket! Reminds me of those egg hunts as a little girl! We had plastic eggs and had treats in them. What did you have in yours?

Oh, this bunny looks quite at attention.....maybe it is the crocheted "large slipper" beside him that has him nervous!

Thanks, Peggy, for all you do.....you light up MY world with your sweet thoughtful creations!!! Hope this has brightened your day, I know it has mine!!!

Steampunk Jewelry by Wanda!!!

Oh, what is a woman to wear???? I know, one of Wanda's creations!
Wanda, a good friend of mine, does a great job at piecing a necklace together from things that someone gives her. This one was put together for my manager, Joan, at the antique store. What do you think?

This is a shot taken without a flash.....see all the neat little trinkets! There are those things that have special meaning just to Joan....from confirmation, etc.

This little locket is surrounded by neat little pearls and crystals and some rose beads....a nice little family!

Took this with the flash....I think. We are still trying to figure out these cameras! The pictures don't do the necklace justice! Oh, people may say that a lot.....BUT this is really true!!!
Will share more about my weekend as promised. Just want to highlight some of my friends' creations. Am going to post another quick one from my friend Peggy and her Easter creations....so, hold on!!!! deb
Oh, and those collage pictures with jewelry....not done by my granddaughter, someone from the restaurant's where we ate lunch! Oh, whenever I get grandchildren.....yes, they can be that talented!!!!

Repurposing Jewelry....an amazing way!!!!

Wanted to share with you...like these birds are sharing with each other. Looking like they must be really good friends and just can't get close enough to share the news....this is how I feel about sharing this artwork that I saw this weekend.....

As I shared with some of you about our trip this last weekend, to Sioux Falls....well, I wanted to send it all in order, but you have to see some of the artwork featuring the granddaughter's way of sharing the jewelry she inherited from her grandma! These are just some of the pictures....I will share more about everything later. It is 12:33 in the am already. Got off work at 11:15 pm and, oh my goodness, haven't even taken off my work tag yet!!! Just so excited to see what everyone has been up to after being away from blogs for the weekend....more later, good night....debbie

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Celebrating our Anniversary!!!

Isn't it interesting when you take a picture close up of just one part....how could you know what it really is?! Well, I was looking for a picture to leave you all with while my hubby and I go away for the weekend to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! This one struck me as kinda neat as it reminded me of the triangle thing we should all have in our married relationship. The wife on one side of the bottom corner, the husband on the other bottom corner and us both moving upward toward God who should be the center....as we move upward towards Him, well, it brings us closer to each other. Yes, that is how it works! After losing my husband Mark to cancer in 2006 and having 4 children at home at the time.....well, I was fortunate to get reconnected with my best friend from our church youth group when we were in high school. Joe moved himself all the way from California.....sold his house, a lot of his stuff and even his Harley Davidson!!! What love that man has for me and the kids!!! And today, we celebrate 2 years married! It has been an interesting road, not always easy, but worth it and just wouldn't imagine doing it without the "triangle plan" of God being the direction we both move toward individually to get closer as a couple! So, may not post until Sunday night or Monday, Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Have a great weekend!!!! debbie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Old Photographs"....never can be too careful!

One of those cloudy days....we get teased by a sunny day and then....oh, well, it is bound to happen! I enjoy going through the blogs and gazing on all the talent out there and so many beautiful pictures. Real quick, before getting to a dental appointment and to work, wanted to share this. I had offered it on ebay and it sold. It was only afterward that I realized it was a family photo. Fortunately, I have a couple more and was so relieved! Never can be too careful about pictures! Make sure all of yours are in rubbermaid containers or the like as it is such a sad story when they get ruined. We know people in our church right now that are emptying their basement because of the flooding issues we are dealing with here in the Midwest. Pictures, more valuable than gold!!!

It's a "sunny day" in my heart and mind.......deb

Monday, March 22, 2010

Said the big blue bird to the little bird.....Easter is coming!!!! Took the picture of the Lord's Supper in the antique store the other day when I was working. The lights are showing from the front of the store as the picture is on the back wall. I thought it was kinda neat how the light shines through. It reminds me that heaven was close at hand!!! I need this reminder as sometimes during difficulties and trials, I forget just how close God is and heaven and all that is good. He holds us close during our moments of difficulties as well as holding us close just to hold us close, as he did the children the disciples wanted to shoo away, mentioned in the New Testament. He is ready anytime......just open your arms!!!
I had an earlier post already to go and my computer went weird on me....must have meant for this to be posted today instead!!!
.....only because of Him, deb

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More of the Children!!! So excited!!!

I have just been so excited to share with you all....thank you to those who have taken the time to view something very precious to me. I remember when I obtained most of these photographs....a neat antique store tucked away in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The dealer, well, I only know him by his first name, "Fred", and even though I have yet to meet him, I feel I know so much about him by the items he offers in his nooks in a few of the antique stores I frequent when I am in the area. I know he has got to be a down-to-earth kinda guy....probably doesn't shave everyday and has an amazing smile! His prices are very reasonable and am so thankful for that! He is the kind of vendor that makes it fun to go to antique stores, for sure! In the Midwest, we don't have a lot of outdoor flea markets, etc., so I enjoy what is available. I hope to meet Fred sometime to thank him for all his hard work. His areas aren't always the neatest....much is squeezed in and if you are not one to move things around or risk getting a little dirty...well, you may not have as much fun! I work in a really "neat" antique store as one of my part-time jobs and appreciate all the compliments, but I still wouldn't shy away from a place that might have me walking out with dirty hands and great little treasures that do not hurt the pocketbook toooo much!
I was working today in the store. My good friend Peggy brought some things in yesterday. I have routed you to her blog in one of my past blogs and will do that again when I post some of her things that she made for Easter. She is a multi-talented lady with a big heart and a great laugh. Didn't get much time to visit with her yesterday......hope to get over to her place this Spring or Summer and see her handiwork outside her house. Visiting her always comes with treats both for the eyes, as well as for the tummy!
Well, tomorrow is almost here. Sunday School and Church, here I come. Studying the book of James in Sunday School....always a good book to remind us how we are to live in our daily lives. Jms. 1:21, the latter part talks about "humbly accepting the word 'planted' in you, which can save you." What a great reminder as we ponder what seeds to sow in our gardens this year!! So, what will we allow to be planted within us? Things of this world that pass away or things that are eternal? Every day we make that decision on what is of lasting value....kindness, extending grace and forgiveness, sharing God's love through the glory of His Son!
Thank you, Father, for your amazing gift....help us to share it with others, this of lasting value!
I started my book project today.....typing out the e-mails of my late husband's journey with cancer. I plan to type it out in order of dates and allow anyone to visit this site as I progress through it. The book itself will contain the inbetween story behind each e-mail. So, the e-mails themselves are the backbone to the book, the inbetween stories will be the meat and sinew.......tied together, my prayer is that it provides encouragement for anyone dealing with cancer or with a loved one with cancer. I do not know of anyone who hasn't been touched by cancer in some way. As I kept people up to date on our journey, I had many requests to put this together for others to read and be blessed as so many said they were being blessed as they walked with us through our journey. So, would appreciate prayers on this project as it did and will continue to take me down a road that I have been avoiding (sad to say) for awhile. I believe God is telling me that it is time.....oh, how He confirms in his only little way. You see, I don't believe in coincidence.....I believe in God moments as He is involved in every detail of our lives. He desires such intimacy with us....it may be scary, but we are so safe with Him, safer than with anyone on this earth.
Blessings this night.....debbie

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More on "Children of the King" series!!!

Good afternoon!!! Well, I went to bed around 1am, so determined to get a blog done on my project. I am at the library now...hubby is sleeping as he works overnight shifts. I didn't feel as though I really went to sleep until around 5am. Joe took Isaac to school. I woke around 9am and debated whether to start my day. Well, I now have the pictures displayed at the antique store where I work. I hope to send some pictures to Somerset....my lofty goal of getting a spot in one of their amazing magazines! What I didn't get to say in my entry earlier in the day was I try and do projects that will use items that can be repurposed. It is so exciting to see so many men and women think along these lines....use what you already have, think outside the box!! I lived over in England and Germany in the early 90's and so appreciated seeing how people over there take care of what they have, fix what is broken (if possible) and just be good stewards of what they own. There are so many talented people that "think outside of the box" in blogland. Such fun to go exploring. I do have to do better at leaving comments....yep, need to work on that! Well, maybe do some exploring for a few minutes before school gets out and work on leaving you all comments. Blessings....debbie

***these photos in my project, well, to let you know that I rarely copy anything to reuse as far as photos go. I like to say my works are "one of a kind", no two dresses walking in the same room, so to speak!! And, I love the Lord, so if these items can bring a smile, a sigh, a sense for the moment of well-being and everything will be ok, I am not alone....then this is good. :)

"Children of the King" series......

"Children of the King" series.....
Well, these are just some of what I have just
finished....today being St. Patrick's day!!!
I still haven't figured out the digital camera....so, I do not do these justice at all!!!
My manager at the antique store will let me display them there for awhile....in their entirety as there are 14. All one of a kind...no copies made of the pictures or anything like that. The display stands are old forks embellished with buttons. The forks with their embellishments were created to go with the pictures.
Well, it is almost 1 in the morning....will have to figure out more of this tomorrow.
Read some great blogs today....great encouraging ones, spiritual ones...so excited to read those types.....and sooooo many talented guys and gals out there with fabulous ideas on repurposing. Added many to my "followers" list. Plan to take a day soon and leave comments.
Had a sunshiny day here in South Dakota.....where we have had mostly rainy, cloudy weather....well, this day was certainly much appreciated!!
God is good......debbie

Monday, March 15, 2010

Creating is pure "Bliss"....

Oh, I haven't been on here for a long while. I know that is a no no for a successful blog. Head colds and working a lot with two jobs....well, that is my excuse!!! BUT, I have been also creating and, yes, it is pure bliss when I can get some things done upstairs. I am almost done with my "Children of the King" series. I will be offering them at the antique store where I work and also on ebay and etsy. I will provide a link when I get it done. I am so excited!! After sharing with a fellow crafter about the dilemma of spending time, balancing time, etc.....well, my heart is that if I can "Praise the Lord" in my creations that is a most fulfilling feeling!!! So, will be sharing those pictures quite soon. Have to work at the store tomorrow....am excited with sorting jewelry stuff to start some "steampunk" bracelets, necklaces and pins. Enjoying the thought of giving items character.....hopefully, building on the good character already present!! Blessings....debbie