Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow falling...lots and lots.....again!

Expected school to be called out early....been snowing since early this
morning. Been white, white, white for sooooo long. Looking forward
to some color eventually.

The same day that there was the earthquake, the house north of us
burned. Two little boys were home sick and playing with a lighter.
Everyone got out safe and the family has found a new place to rent.
People say that the owner of the house will probably not build
another house on the lot. Joe and I slept through the whole deal!
Joe works overnights and I hadn't slept well, so layed back down
with him and I woke up around 10:30 and a friend called me
around 1:30 and asked if we were alright. Said we were fine and
then she told me what happened. Looked out the window and
noticed it for the first time.....the window of the tv room.

Our community pulled together and took care of the family and
provided them with money to get clothing for the family and
other essentials. That is what is great about living in a small
community.....people pull together.

Well, I should get something done around here today. Was
hoping to work, but they didn't need me. Have training to
do for the next three days. Been getting my booth redone
at the antique store. Selling lots of items to help others be
crafty, I guess. Have lots more to put in as I have way too
much in my craft room.....projects that would take more than
one lifetime! Asking wisdom on what to choose to do and
what to give up on. Always could use a little wisdom!!!

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