Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pondering Spring.....again.....

Good afternoon! Looking for some pictures and came across these as I and many others around here, ponder Spring!!! I do love winter in the sense that it means "flannel". It is my favorite material....doesn't usually go well in the warmer months. I don't want to wish my days away, but I do find myself sighing too often these days hoping for warmer temps. What is amazing is way up north where the Olympics are going on that they have such a lack of snow!!! Oh, they could have some of ours! Even though we wish for warmer temps, it will have to come gradual or we will have major flooding.
Now that Valentines is over, time to get in the mood for Easter. Our Lenten services are starting tonight. I enjoy this time of year because we get together with two other churches and take turns meeting together up until Easter on Wednesday nights. Have a service and then great food and fellowship afterwards.....oh, how I enjoy the fellowship! It gives us an opportunity to stop in our busyness and reflect on God's great gift to us and share with one another!
Will be posting some of my other creations soon. Am so excited to be sharing and hope to get things on etsy and ebay soon. I figure people aren't really shopping seriously until April....paying off Christmas and getting their taxes done!
I sure have enjoyed looking at many many creative and wonderful people out there. Technology in this sense....I am just so thankful to have it!!! Blessings.....deb

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