Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Sister's Keeper movie

My Sister's Keeper
Happy Valentine's Day!!! We had a wonderful Sunday School time and church service. Tonight, our youth are putting on a banquet for couples. All the monies raised goes into their youth fund to do retreats and such. We are looking forward to it. Every year, we do the "white elephant" swap or gift exchange. One never knows what he or she will end up with when all is said and done. It is fun to try and figure out something to bring that may get fought over in a fun way. Everything starts at 6pm with a menu of chicken corde on bleu. Don't know if I spelled it right but am sure it will taste good!
I just recently finished the book by Jodi Picoult and we rented the movie last night. Yes, the movie does deviate from the book.....I found some of it rather maddening, but still a good story. One of the lines that was most powerful to me was during the trial or hearing. The mother, a lawyer representing herself in a suit filed by her daughter, asks her husband who is on the stand if she shows love to all three of her children the same (something like that). He said something in response like, "You showed love where it needed the most attention at the time." She was really struck by that, almost struck down. How often as a mother can I wonder about that, "did I show love where it was needed the most and neglected others?" You see, my husband Mark died of kidney cancer in May of 2006. We dealt with his illness for over two years. Our four children were around 7 to 16 at the time. Those two years altered the course of everyone because the love and attention often was on Mark and dr. appts., surgeries, therapies, etc. Now, it is almost four years later and I see the results still of being physically and mentally and emotionally absent at times where my kids needed me. Oh, we have grown. We are stronger and more empathetic to those around us, but we are forever changed. So, we all hope to be better and know that a storm, not the last one we shall ever see, set the course of our lives and we decide if it will be for the better. Yes, we decide everyday to be better or bitter!
Would welcome any comments on those that have seen "My Sister's Keeper." Blessings.....
Oh, and I had a great time with my daughter. Brought her back to spend a couple of days with us.....

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