Monday, January 11, 2010

It's been cold and white, very white

It is a new year and we should all be excited about that!!! 'Course, we have had amazing weather here since shortly before Christmas.....lots of snow, then lots of very cold temperatures and as of late, fog with freezing white all over the trees. Some would call it a winter night, though, I think it is kinda scary, especially when traveling away from home around 60 miles to attend a wrestling 13 year old, Isaac had one tonight. Am waiting for him to get home. We had to leave early so my husband could get to work on time.

Been wrestling with a few things lately. Wondering if I should hang up the creative part of me and concentrate on other things. Trying to balance it hasn't gone well. My work at the antique store just doesn't excite me anymore. I need to start on my book idea but this will be a painful endeavor because of the subject, but it will need to be tackled soon. It will be going on 4 years this May that Mark died. I need to start working on this journey of cancer that he went through.....if it will even help one person, to share this, I need to do it. If anyone is reading this, would sure appreciate your prayers. I just want to be doing what is important......what God wants me to do. Can I mix the two in this life, the love of creating and serving Him? I would like to think so.....just want to find that balance and not miss any opportunities of being available to the Holy Spirit in being there for people.

We have adopted a dog from the Humane Society this last fall. Bev is working out fine. Having a time with the black hair on stuff.....plugged in a couple humidifiers to help with the static. I need to get some pictures of her to put on here.

Well, Isaac just called. About 30 miles from home....I will be glad when he is home safe. It is almost 11 o'clock!

Say, has anyone checked out the JUNKMARKET ladies and their website lately? It is such a fun place to go on the computer!

Blessings this night......debbie

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  1. hi debbie!

    it was good to see your post! i'm wondering about you hanging up your creative side. really? you could do that? you have to do what you have to do, i know that. we all do. i'm hoping and praying that you can find a balance in your life, one that you feel comfortable with!

    love ya,