Sunday, October 11, 2009

leaves have fallen and fallen and fallen.....

Overnight! We get freezing temperatures and the next day, POOF! The leaves
just start falling. I stood outside early in the morning and just listened to the
leaves fall like rain. Now, I deliberately "shuffle" through the leaves covering
the sidewalks. This morning, as Isaac and I walked to church....we purposely
kicked the leaves up at each other. This is a beautiful time of year....the beginning
of so many living things getting ready to go to sleep. And many living things do
die, also. Reminds me of the ladies retreat that I just returned from....there
was a profound saying shared....."I live to die, I die to live. The more I die, the
more I live." True freedom in die to self. Talked also about living
in this moment. Greek definition for moment...."the tiniest of particles that
can shift the scales." Awesome definition.....moments matter. Let's not waste