Monday, September 28, 2009

Doggy Duke kinda day!!!!

Hard to believe it is almost October!!! We are thinking seriously about going to the local humane society soon and picking out a dog. We have had dogs in the past and is time to have another friendly furry face around the house. Kids have flown the coop except one and Isaac has six years with us by himself.....need to find him a companion to come home to.
I made this tray and offered it on ebay awhile back. It was fun making it. Dear friends gave me the pictures of this dog when he was growing up out in the country. Created the scene and felt that I should give this guy a name. "Duke" seemed appropriate. Couldn't remember if my friends told me the dog's name. Duke looks like a good fit. What do you think? All is well here. Suppose to freeze tonight. Leaves are falling. Beautiful.....blessings! deb