Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Opening up a New World...

A dear friend of mine and myself have been talking about doing this now for months....making the plunge into the blogging world. Oh, Peggy....I am getting ready with swimsuit on! This is really funny as I am not one to plunge into a chlorine overdone aqua basin anywhere!!!

I have been crafting for years. I would say my humble beginnings started way back when, as my mom was teaching VBS....Vacation Bible School. She would "encourage" me to do the craft part of the lesson each day and there you have it. Mom must have noticed I had a knack for something and would gladly take me down to the nearest hobby store and purchase supplies to begin a project. I have done most everything except soap and candles! Right now, I am into repurposing with those JunkMarket ladies and enjoying the craft ideas of the Somerset magazines. I work in an antique store and also sell my creations there. I have done flea markets, yard and garden sales, and just have had fun! Lived so many places, including overseas. Lost my husband, Mark to cancer in 2006 and have since remarried my best friend
from high school. His name is Joe and he is a blessing. All the kids are moving out too quickly. Have Isaac left, he is 12 going on 21! I love to create. My mind is always going and going. I am thankful to God everyday for how He has walked with me on this road of life. Just cannot imagine trying to balance it all without Him. So, "Tyme Flies"....yes, it does. I look forward to sharing with all of you, getting the pictures thing figured out, routing to other sites and all that stuff. So, Peggy, my dearest friend......here's splashing you!!!! debbie


  1. i'm sooo excited for your blog! i look forward to your posts! and thanx for the splash! i love it! i hope to be jumping in the water with you soon!

    love ya,


  2. Thanks, Peggy! Thanks for being my great great friend and fellow crafter in this amazing journey through the internet! We have lots to look forward to, don't we?!!!