Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Learning more about blogging and sharing me to you...

I love putting things together like this. One can spend hours "crafting" a project and then I see many do something like this....put several things together and then offer it all up on ebay or etsy. I offered this on ebay and some fortunate person won the bid. Now, I only have the pictures to show that I once possessed these neat little things! We just can't keep everything! I know that whenever I have won a bid on something and it came in the mail like this....well, it is just like Christmas! I do love to create and will always do that, but I will never live long enough to make everything that I intend to make!!! So, this is a great way to also share with other creators out there. Looking forward to getting to all my jewelry boxes and such and making the kits, or doing offerings in color themes! It is endless, what is out there, what can be done, appreciated and enjoyed! Just like each day we are given. I live in a small town. Use to pulling up the stakes and moving every 2 years or more, but looks like that isn't going to happen here. The longer I am any one place, I get connected, involved and good and bad things happen. Do not know the feeling of living all my life in one place. I admire those that have and yet, like I tell my kids, you have had amazing adventures, gotten to know so many people and survived! The saying, "Home is where the heart is," yes, you make it what you put into it....and investing your heart someplace is scary but worth the good and the bad that may happen....don't you think?! Well, I will post this and figure out how to do more pictures. Appreciate anyones thoughts or posts....."It is a good thing," says Martha Stewart!

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