Sunday, October 11, 2009

leaves have fallen and fallen and fallen.....

Overnight! We get freezing temperatures and the next day, POOF! The leaves
just start falling. I stood outside early in the morning and just listened to the
leaves fall like rain. Now, I deliberately "shuffle" through the leaves covering
the sidewalks. This morning, as Isaac and I walked to church....we purposely
kicked the leaves up at each other. This is a beautiful time of year....the beginning
of so many living things getting ready to go to sleep. And many living things do
die, also. Reminds me of the ladies retreat that I just returned from....there
was a profound saying shared....."I live to die, I die to live. The more I die, the
more I live." True freedom in die to self. Talked also about living
in this moment. Greek definition for moment...."the tiniest of particles that
can shift the scales." Awesome definition.....moments matter. Let's not waste

Monday, September 28, 2009

Doggy Duke kinda day!!!!

Hard to believe it is almost October!!! We are thinking seriously about going to the local humane society soon and picking out a dog. We have had dogs in the past and is time to have another friendly furry face around the house. Kids have flown the coop except one and Isaac has six years with us by himself.....need to find him a companion to come home to.
I made this tray and offered it on ebay awhile back. It was fun making it. Dear friends gave me the pictures of this dog when he was growing up out in the country. Created the scene and felt that I should give this guy a name. "Duke" seemed appropriate. Couldn't remember if my friends told me the dog's name. Duke looks like a good fit. What do you think? All is well here. Suppose to freeze tonight. Leaves are falling. Beautiful.....blessings! deb

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pincushions anyone?!

These are pincushions that I made last year! Fun, fun, fun! Using a felted sweater, a warm fuzzy blanket and a chenille bathrobe! Handmade glass beaded hatpins, old jewelry, doilies, pins, lace and buckles to complete the ensemble. I have looked at many old fashioned pincushions over the years and how they were made on stands that may have been broken and long ago, nobody just threw something out because it was broken. Pioneers of our country were not the throw away society that we have today. Repurposing is a passion of mine and having fun "thinking outside of the box," to come up with those one-of-a-kind creations! I sure enjoy viewing other blogs and seeing amazing ways to use things....especially how Sue and Ki from JunkMarket got people going to reuse items destined for the dump. I lived over in Europe for three years and was also born over there a long time dad is retired military. People are more apt to take care of their stuff and use it forever! Oh, to someday share about my adventures overseas! Another day and learning to scan old photographs! Blessings and let's all keep thinking outside the box!!! deb

Learning more about blogging and sharing me to you...

I love putting things together like this. One can spend hours "crafting" a project and then I see many do something like this....put several things together and then offer it all up on ebay or etsy. I offered this on ebay and some fortunate person won the bid. Now, I only have the pictures to show that I once possessed these neat little things! We just can't keep everything! I know that whenever I have won a bid on something and it came in the mail like this....well, it is just like Christmas! I do love to create and will always do that, but I will never live long enough to make everything that I intend to make!!! So, this is a great way to also share with other creators out there. Looking forward to getting to all my jewelry boxes and such and making the kits, or doing offerings in color themes! It is endless, what is out there, what can be done, appreciated and enjoyed! Just like each day we are given. I live in a small town. Use to pulling up the stakes and moving every 2 years or more, but looks like that isn't going to happen here. The longer I am any one place, I get connected, involved and good and bad things happen. Do not know the feeling of living all my life in one place. I admire those that have and yet, like I tell my kids, you have had amazing adventures, gotten to know so many people and survived! The saying, "Home is where the heart is," yes, you make it what you put into it....and investing your heart someplace is scary but worth the good and the bad that may happen....don't you think?! Well, I will post this and figure out how to do more pictures. Appreciate anyones thoughts or posts....."It is a good thing," says Martha Stewart!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Opening up a New World...

A dear friend of mine and myself have been talking about doing this now for months....making the plunge into the blogging world. Oh, Peggy....I am getting ready with swimsuit on! This is really funny as I am not one to plunge into a chlorine overdone aqua basin anywhere!!!

I have been crafting for years. I would say my humble beginnings started way back when, as my mom was teaching VBS....Vacation Bible School. She would "encourage" me to do the craft part of the lesson each day and there you have it. Mom must have noticed I had a knack for something and would gladly take me down to the nearest hobby store and purchase supplies to begin a project. I have done most everything except soap and candles! Right now, I am into repurposing with those JunkMarket ladies and enjoying the craft ideas of the Somerset magazines. I work in an antique store and also sell my creations there. I have done flea markets, yard and garden sales, and just have had fun! Lived so many places, including overseas. Lost my husband, Mark to cancer in 2006 and have since remarried my best friend
from high school. His name is Joe and he is a blessing. All the kids are moving out too quickly. Have Isaac left, he is 12 going on 21! I love to create. My mind is always going and going. I am thankful to God everyday for how He has walked with me on this road of life. Just cannot imagine trying to balance it all without Him. So, "Tyme Flies"....yes, it does. I look forward to sharing with all of you, getting the pictures thing figured out, routing to other sites and all that stuff. So, Peggy, my dearest's splashing you!!!! debbie